I am an author, scriptwriter, script editor and producer.

I love strong personal narratives set in interesting cultural, historical or political environments.

My favourite stories are based on people’s real-life experiences and events.

I was born and raised in Sydney, but have also lived in Bathurst (for university), a small Spanish island called La Gomera, Arnhem Land and Darwin.

I wrote my first novel, Nona & Me, whilst living in the remote Aboriginal community of Yirrkala in the Northern Territory. I lived there for two years and would’ve loved to have stayed longer.

My second novel, Between Us, was written in Darwin and explores themes of multiculturalism in Australia and our changing attitudes to migrants and asylum seekers.

I have written for many successful Australian television dramas, including All Saints, Home & Away, Headland, Winners & Losers and Wonderland. You can read more about my scriptwriting work here.

I have also worked in community development, both on my own writing-based projects and with the critically acclaimed arts and social change organisation, Big hART.

I am passionate about education. I have a teaching degree, and love talking to school groups and running workshops about scriptwriting and creative writing  – if you are interested in having me visit your school find out about that here.

Working in the television industry has taught me a lot about writing, but I also learned a lot from taking part in the NIDA Playwrights’ Studio, winning the British Council’s Realise Your Dream Scholarship and running the Represent project, which was nominated for the inaugural Kit Denton Dis-fellowship.


Bike riding in Yirrkala.