A season for everything

4th September 2020

It has been a tough year for many. When lockdown first hit Sydney in March I – like others, I’m sure – had visions of ‘making the best of it’ and ‘using the time to my advantage’. No more time spent commuting to work, few social engagements, all kids’ sport cancelled. I thought I’d stay fit by going bike riding with the kids and doing online yoga every day – these activities lost their shine quickly, then winter hit and it became harder to get out of our warm beds. I thought I’d make homeschooling super fun by doing things like online drawing and writing classes with my kids – I didn’t end up watching a single one. I thought I’d manage to find a little time each day to write something for myself – honestly, what was I thinking? I was stretched to my limit attempting to solo parent and homeschool three children whilst doing my full time job from home.

Amidst the insanity I did find a few pockets of time to write; those hours felt like home. I miss writing my own stories a lot but keep telling myself there is a season for everything…and whilst writing time is sparse on the ground right now hopefully the shift in seasons will bring growth and change…for all of us.

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