A season for everything

4th September 2020

It has been a tough year for many. When lockdown first hit Sydney in March I – like others, I’m sure – had visions of ‘making the best of it’ and ‘using the time to my advantage’. No more time spent commuting to work, few social engagements, all kids’ sport […]

Head down, bum up

25th August 2016
On writing, Personal

I just wanted to post quickly to apologise for the long gaps between posts. I’m writing another novel and, unlike some other writers, I am not the best creative multitasker. If I’m working on a TV script, I stop work on everything else to focus on it. The same has […]

On money & community

13th October 2015
On writing, Personal

This doesn’t have much to do with writing. Well, maybe a little bit. Did you know that the average writing income of an Australian author is $12,900? Unless you happen to smash out an international bestseller you don’t earn a whole heap from writing books. Add to that having three […]

Awesome hip hop clip from Yirrkala peeps

10th August 2015
Nona & Me, Personal

Every year around the start of August I see photos of the Garma Festival online and start to get incredibly homesick for Yirrkala. Well, this video tops it. It’s a hip-hop piece with fun, funky beats…plus it features heaps of friends and familiar faces…watch it for a great insight into the […]

Why there’s no Nona

13th May 2015
Nona & Me, Personal

This is my latest blog post as the Inside A Dog author in residence. I thought Nona & Me readers might be curious to know these answers too! Here goes… As Nona & Me is read by more people, there is one question that keeps appearing. The book is called […]

Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards. So close.

20th December 2014
Nona & Me, On writing, Personal

You won’t see the beautiful cover of Nona & Me on The 2015 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards list. But you might have, if it had been the Premier’s 22…or 25…or something like that. The judges said they were ‘very taken’ with the book, their official comment being: ‘Clare Atkins’s first novel […]

Rolling in to Darwin

8th July 2014

After two years of living in Yirrkala, we rolled into Darwin yesterday. Literally. Our trusty 4WD carried us over around eight hours of badly corrugated dirt road which somehow earned the title of ‘highway’ and then another five or so hours on bitumen…only to grind to a halt as we […]