Cartoon me (aka ‘Immortalised by Priya Kuriyan’)

13th July 2015

When I met the lovely and very talented artist Priya Kuriyan at the Reading Matters Conference I never guessed that she was quietly studying all of the authors so she could draw their pictures! But turns out she was…and here are the results on her blog Dehlittante in an incredibly clever […]


10th June 2015

Just back home in sunny Darwin, after a week of coats, leggings and coffee in Melbourne for Reading Matters 2015. It was incredible. I’m going to let some of the photos speak for themselves…  

I’m Inside A Dog!

1st May 2015

This month, I’m the author-in-residence for Inside A Dog! I’ll be writing about topics like multicultural characters, writing for TV and why I didn’t write from Nona’s perspective. Check it out and feel free to comment and ask questions! I’d also recommend checking out the author-in-residence archives as there have […]