Early reviews for Between Us

18th January 2018
Between Us, Reviews

The first review for Between Us came out in Books + Publishing Magazine late last year. I was so thrilled to read it and see the reviewer had really gotten the story and themes I wrote the novel to explore. Plus they awarded it 4.5 stars! Got to be happy with that! Here it is here:

Another two reviews came out just recently from teen readers as part of Readings Teen Advisory Board. These reviews mean the world to me because they are from teenagers, the people who the book is written for, even though I of course hope adults will enjoy it too.  The first one in particular blew me away – I couldn’t have asked for a better response. Click here to have a read. 


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  1. Nicki says:

    Clare, I’ve just read your new book “Between Us”. It is heart rendingly close to the bone and a truth that needs to be heard! As a frequent visitor to Wickham, your book took me straight back there: to the pain and anguish, the complexities of personalities caught in that toxic environment; the hope and hopelessness and the preciousness of friendships made. Thank you for being unswervingly honest and not prettying it up with a happy, romantic ending.

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