Head down, bum up

25th August 2016
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I just wanted to post quickly to apologise for the long gaps between posts. I’m writing another novel and, unlike some other writers, I am not the best creative multitasker. If I’m working on a TV script, I stop work on everything else to focus on it. The same has happened with this book. One creative task at a time for me. I need to be able to immerse myself in the world, to think of all the connections, rammifications, emotions, practicalities and so on.

It’s the same reason that I’m not really present on social media or Twitter. I will unapologetically tell you that with three little kids and a book to write I just don’t have time. For me, it’s either compose tweets and Facebook updates or write a book, and I know which one I’ll choose every time.

I’m excited though. I can feel the threads of the new book slowly pulling together. It is such a long process. I wrote Nona & Me over two years, and this one looks to be taking around the same. But I am starting to feel like I can breathe again so I will try to post here a bit more regularly.

One exciting thing I have coming up is a writing workshop in Katherine this weekend being run by Courtney Collins. Her first novel, The Burial, came out a few years ago. It took out a bucketload of prizes, was published internationally and is now being made into a film! Funnily enough, she is now living in a remote Aboriginal community up this way, and this weekend she’ll be in Katherine to run this workshop. Lucky me! I can’t wait!

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  1. Peter Mahony says:

    Hi Clare
    Greetings from Powerhouse Museum and long time no see. (I know, hard to believe I’m still there too!)
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Nona & Me. I found your consideration of the complexities of adolescent life in a culturally complicated setting insightful, empathic, and well.. tender. Congratulations anyway.
    One day it’d be awesome to employ you for a project with some young people from your old stomping ground in inner Sydney (reprazent?). At the Museum we’ve partnered with Sydney Story Factory to do some writing workshops, and maybe this kind of partnership would also suit you? We’ve got a fairly good video conference production facility in our labs these days, so you wouldn’t need to leave your own verandah.
    Anyway, I read your book ages ago after the awesome Bianca Hewes recommended it and only mid-way through realised the author was you! Been meaning to say hi so Hi!
    Kind regards

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