26th March 2015
Nona & Me

Very excited to have been longlisted for the 2015 Inky Awards! The list was officially announced at Somerset, which meant I had the pleasure of wrestling with fellow long-lister Melissa Keil (for The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl) over the Inside a Dog dog…does that dog have a name? I need to find out!

In any case, here’s the list. If you haven’t read these books check them out ’cause there are some fantastic titles on there (not biased at all of course!). Now it’s up to a panel of teen judges to debate and decide on the shortlist…and then the final winner…

Hmmm…yes, in retrospect it might have been a bit more sensible to look stunning for the camera like Melissa rather than giving that little dog such an attentive pretend pat…I’m not even an animal person!





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