Rolling in to Darwin

8th July 2014

After two years of living in Yirrkala, we rolled into Darwin yesterday. Literally. Our trusty 4WD carried us over around eight hours of badly corrugated dirt road which somehow earned the title of ‘highway’ and then another five or so hours on bitumen…only to grind to a halt as we turned into the outer streets of Darwin. We couldn’t believe it.

In any case, it was worth it. The drive was spectacular and felt like a proper end to our East Arnhem adventure. So many different sights and landscapes. Here are a few photos of our trip…


Driving out. The start of a big trip.


Amazing termite mounds everywhere. Stopping off en route.


Stretch stop at a lookout.


Finally back on the bitumen on Day Three. Some people drive it in a day, but we took it slowly.

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  1. Jin says:

    Great photos Clare!

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