School Talks & Workshops

I enjoy working with school groups and can tailor my visit to your subjects of interest. I’m based in Sydney but am happy to give Skype talks or occasionally travel for blocks of talks in schools. Depending on the amount of time allocated, sessions can either be structured as an informative talk or as an interactive workshop in which students actively participate in writing their own pieces.

For example, workshops may cover:

  • Nona & Me and Between Us – the writing process, blending fact and fiction
  • the issues and political contexts of my novels
  • life in a remote community and the NT intervention
  • research and interviewing
  • representation of cultural communities in fiction
  • the television scriptwriting process
  • practical creative writing exercises
  • script editing
  • writing as a career
  • community development
  • script development


“I  loved her whole manner. She allowed us to grasp her commitment and passion without any kind of political ranting. The photos were an excellent addition as they gave a vivid idea of the cultural changes she experienced. She generously included quite personal family images which built our empathy. The students were very engaged. 
It was great to hear about the writing process in such detail as well. I am sure we were all fascinated to hear how TV episodes are created. Her depth of research for her novel was also most interesting. I really like the authentic way she consults with Indigenous people in order to do justice to their culture. 
The way Clare responded to students’ questions was so well-paced and intelligent. Her warm manner really helped them to be brave enough to come forward. Many thanks for such a great learning opportunity!”  

Robin Clarke, English teacher at Huntingtower School

“It was entertaining, it was inspiring…she told us the truth on how she thought and felt.” 

“She spoke very comfortably – I felt like I could say or ask things.”  

“I remember her talking about the Yolngu community because I actually listened.”

“I liked how you told us some stories and I really like it how you told us how you came to write the book.”

“…going through the process of being a scriptwriter…was a pretty interactive activity…”

Year 10 Students at Palmerston Senior College


If you are interested in booking me to visit your school please contact the Booked Out Speakers Agency.