Where are you from? (An interview with Waleed Aly)

17th October 2014
Media interviews, Nona & Me, Public events

I’m back in steamy Darwin, after a few days of cold-snap weather and borrowed coats, in Melbourne promoting Nona & Me. Publishing is a whole new world to me, and I have to say that it’s a lot of fun! I met publishing representatives, booksellers, other authors, and did some media interviews, including this one for Radio National’s The Drawing Room.

I really enjoyed talking about culture with Waleed Aly and David Nyuol Vincent, whose show The Team of Life is on at the moment in Melbourne. Watching this clip of David’s show made me think “What have I been doing wasting my time glued to a laptop?! I should’ve been jumping around doing energetic, joy-filled stuff like this!”

Other highlights from the trip include talking with the eloquent and inspiring Alice Pung, whose upcoming YA novel Laurinda is also published by Black Inc, in an event at The Little Bookroom, and meeting Brooke Davis, Nic Low and Paul Dalla Rossa at the ‘Next Big Thing‘ event at The Wheeler Centre. Big thanks to Black Inc’s Jeanne Ryckmans and my agent Elizabeth Troyeur for making the trek down from Sydney to join us at The Wheeler Centre too!

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